How to Fix a Cell phone Which is Switching off Automatically

If your cell phone is automatically switching off and on without any reason, this discussion will help you in learning how to repair it. However, if you do not want to experiment with your precious phone, you can always visit a Halifax phone repair store. Your phone may be switching off automatically either due to a hardware or a software issue. However, until you start repairing your cell phone using a sequential and step by step process, it is not possible for you to know the exact cause of the problem. Most of the times the steps that need to be followed to sort out the problem are quite similar for gadgets like tablets and cellular phones – including iPads and iPhones.

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Some of the reasons your handset is switching off automatically are as follows:
• Your cell phone battery may not be connected properly.
• A virus may have infected your cell phone.
• The OS or Operating System software of your device has become corrupted.
• The circuit board of the phone may be covered by moisture or dust which is creating a disturbance.
• Some of the hardware components of your device such as ICs, capacitors or resistors have failed.
Troubleshooting steps for repairing auto-switch off problems
1. Battery connection should be checked: You need to find out whether the battery of your handset has been connected properly to the battery jack. Ensure that the terminals on the battery are cleaned properly. If your phones switches on after doing so, the auto-switch off problem may be occurring due to a loose connection.

2. Settings to be reset: You can try this step; though chances of the problem getting resolved are very slight. You can use options like ‘factory reset’, ‘restore settings’ or ‘reset settings’ by navigating to the settings menu in your handset.

3. The handset may have to be formatted: Before formatting the handset, all your data should be backed up. The MMC should be formatted as well. In case the problem gets solved, virus infection in the software could have been the cause of the problem.

4. The device may have to be flashed: Flashing your device means that the operating system of your device is being reinstalled. Specially designed flasher box or flasher software is required to reinstall your device’s operating system. You can do it yourself if you know how to do it. You could also visit a Halifax phone repair store if you do not want to flash your phone yourself.

5. Get your phone serviced: Sometimes you may need to service your phone and clean the entire device to get it working. When doing so, you should adhere to all the instructions on how to do go about servicing your mobile phone. You need to dismantle the entire gadget and ensure that its PCB is cleaned either with alcohol or with spirit. The PCB should be dried before you switch on your cell phone. If the auto-switch problem gets solved this way, it means that the occurrence of the problem was due to dust or moisture.

The Difference Between Windows and Linux Web Hosting

One of the most common questions that people ask before they purchase web hosting services in Halifax (or any where else for that matter) is which web package they should choose. Most people use a Windows operating system so they assume that they should go with a Windows based server and not a Linux based server. Then there people who are more comfortable with a Mac and they want to know if there is a Mac based server.

The truth is, the operating system of the server hardly matters. Here is a bit more on the same.

The web host has nothing to do with your operating system

First of all, there is no relationship between the web host and the operating system on your computer. So you don’t have to worry about the two systems not being ‘compatible’. This is true whether you are using a Halifax web hosting service or any other service.

You may be familiar with Windows or Linux and may be hoping that the Halifax web hosting you are going to use will have similar ‘buttons’. If you are thinking like this, you are going to be disappointed. Whether you use a Windows based server or a Linux based server, you can access your website only through a web editor. The user interface on your server won’t change , whether you have a Windows OS or Linux OS.

So what is the real criteria to choose a web server?

The real criteria for choosing a web server is the kind of services you are going to provide on your website. Does your website use a Windows specific technology like Microsoft Access, .NET, MSSQL or ASP? In this case, you will be better off with a Windows based server plan. You can actually use these technologies on a UNIX based server (Linux) too.

If you just want to set up a blog or start a small ecommerce website or any other type of simple website, it is better to go with a Linux based server. Anyway, most internet tutorials that teach you how to configure a web server assume that you are using a Unix based server (Linux). So if you have no idea at all what server to choose, go for a Linux based server.

Will I be better off with a Mac based web host?

The question of whether there are any Mac specific Halifax web hosting services is redundant. As you know by now, it really doesn’t make a difference. The bottom line is if you are using a Windows specific technology on your website, go with a Windows based server. For all other cases, a Linux based server is best.

Improve your Libido with Food

Low libido is a problem that can affect your relationships and overall mood – it can be because of a stressful situation at work or due to a health problem. When you consistently experience low libido it is important to consult with your doctor to find out the underlying cause for it. At times, poor blood circulation, problems in the arteries and blood clots can restrict blood flow to the male sexual organs that might also affect libido.

Unless low libido is a result of some serious medical condition it is easy to improve the condition with right food consumption. Consider eating these foods to improve your libido.

Banana: This humble fruit can increase libido as it contains an enzyme called bromelain. This is useful in improving libido. It is also a rich source of potassium and riboflavin that improve energy levels in the body. It is a good idea to consume one banana in the morning or as a pre-lunch snack. You can make healthy smoothies using banana, low-fat dairy or just peel it and chomp.

Nuts: Nuts are a great source of fatty acids needed for many body functions. These fatty acids are a vital component for healthy male hormones. But be mindful to eat nuts without salt. Eat them raw for best results. You can lightly roast almonds to improve their taste. Use nuts in your salads and smoothies to enrich your meals. Add a few almonds to your banana smoothie to further boost your libido. Mix crushed nuts in your salad or you can eat a handful as your evening snack.

Oysters: Oysters are a rich source of zinc, which is needed for healthy sperm production and for proper testosterone levels in the body. This is why maybe oysters have been known as an aphrodisiac. Eat a few raw oysters on a regular basis to improve your libido. The presence of dopamine hormone in oysters also boosts libido.

Avocado: It is a fruit rich in folic acid, potassium and vitamin B6, which are all helpful in improving libido. Eat one avocado every now and then by scooping out its flesh. You can use it in salads also.

Other foods that can improve libido are watermelon, celery and saffron. Consult your doctor for safe supplement use that can boost libido. Supplements like Alpha Elite increase blood flow, improve libido, increase stamina and help to improve overall sexual performance.