Organizing a Multi-Utility Closet

A multi-utility closet is the place for storing all the tools and items required to maintain the house. One may find things from cleaning agents to garage tools in the multi-utility closet. Since the closet may contain a number of assorted items, it needs to be organized carefully so that none of the items stay out of place and are easily accessible. Below are a few tips to become an effective closet organizer.

Plan from bottom to top: Before organizing a utility closet, all the items of the closet needs to be pulled out and sorted based on the purpose and usability. Kitchen cleaning agents, garden tools, appliances like a vacuum cleaner and more must be grouped and stored on separate shelves. One needs to plan on what needs to be kept in each shelf beginning from the bottom most and then proceeding upwards. The bottom shelves can be used to store appliances and their accessories. Everyday essentials like cleaning sprays, detergents and wipes can be kept within easy reach. Top shelves can be used for storage space for items for future use like extra towels, wipes, gloves, linen and more.

Group the items – Grouping of items based on the utility and frequency of use plays a significant role in organizing the closet. One can notice a difference by bringing all the cleaning agents to one place and putting all the garden tools into another shelf. Further going deeper in organizing, one can group items that are used daily, weekly, and monthly and arrange them accordingly to the needs.

Choosing the right accessory- An old shoe bag can be used to store many items. The pockets of the bag can be used to keep spray bottles, brushes, wipes, scissors and other compact things.
Deep cubbies can be used to store paper towels, bags. Bins or baskets can be used to store cords, switches, nails, tape and small tools. Utilizing the back of the closet door with accessories like hooks and clips to hang brooms, mops or the pocketed bags can help maximize the closet space. Compact lighting can also be added to the closet systems so that one need not struggle to search items in the dark.

A multi-utility closet is usually placed in the hallway, store room or garage based on the size and position of the rooms in the house. It is ideal to choose a closet that can suit the place and hold as much as many items in an organized way. A designated place to store all the house maintenance supplies is the starting point to keep the house clean and tidy.

Improve your Libido with Food

Low libido is a problem that can affect your relationships and overall mood – it can be because of a stressful situation at work or due to a health problem. When you consistently experience low libido it is important to consult with your doctor to find out the underlying cause for it. At times, poor blood circulation, problems in the arteries and blood clots can restrict blood flow to the male sexual organs that might also affect libido.

Unless low libido is a result of some serious medical condition it is easy to improve the condition with right food consumption. Consider eating these foods to improve your libido.

Banana: This humble fruit can increase libido as it contains an enzyme called bromelain. This is useful in improving libido. It is also a rich source of potassium and riboflavin that improve energy levels in the body. It is a good idea to consume one banana in the morning or as a pre-lunch snack. You can make healthy smoothies using banana, low-fat dairy or just peel it and chomp.

Nuts: Nuts are a great source of fatty acids needed for many body functions. These fatty acids are a vital component for healthy male hormones. But be mindful to eat nuts without salt. Eat them raw for best results. You can lightly roast almonds to improve their taste. Use nuts in your salads and smoothies to enrich your meals. Add a few almonds to your banana smoothie to further boost your libido. Mix crushed nuts in your salad or you can eat a handful as your evening snack.

Oysters: Oysters are a rich source of zinc, which is needed for healthy sperm production and for proper testosterone levels in the body. This is why maybe oysters have been known as an aphrodisiac. Eat a few raw oysters on a regular basis to improve your libido. The presence of dopamine hormone in oysters also boosts libido.

Avocado: It is a fruit rich in folic acid, potassium and vitamin B6, which are all helpful in improving libido. Eat one avocado every now and then by scooping out its flesh. You can use it in salads also.

Other foods that can improve libido are watermelon, celery and saffron. Consult your doctor for safe supplement use that can boost libido. Supplements like Alpha Elite increase blood flow, improve libido, increase stamina and help to improve overall sexual performance.